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Name:Codex Mithica
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This journal is primarily an online archive of my academic and related writing. It serves as a single source for all the papers, essays, and so on that I have done in my academic career. Most of these entries will be kept locked for obvious reasons. (If those reasons are not obvious, go do a Google search for 'download term paper' and it will become clear. I have no wish to either support plagiarism, nor be plagiarized.) If you have come here from my personal journal, drop me a comment, and I will add you.

Codex also houses some of the more academically themed online essays as well, which are public. Feel free to add me, but do drop a line and say hello. Cheers!

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academia, academics, activism, alchemy, analysis, ancient egypt, ancient texts, animism, arcane, archetypes, atwood, baroque music, bible critique, binah, book of shadows, books, cathars, celtic knotwork, celtic paganism, chaldean, chaos, chaos magick, classical music, classics, comparative literature, comparative religion, computers, conspiracy, continental philosophy, critical theory, culloden, cult of isis, culture, dark goddess, darkness, debate, deconstruction, discourse, dissertation, doctorate, eccentric, enochian, epistemology, erotica, esoteric, esoterica, esotericism, essenes, exegesis, existentialism, fonts, foucault, free press, free speech, freemason, freemasonry, gaelic, gaia, gnosis, gnostic, gnostic gospels, goddess, golden dawn, grad school, grail mysteries, great rite, heresy, heretics, hermeneutics, hermes, hermetic, hermeticism, higher education, history, history of sexuality, horned god, humanities, independent thought, individualism, intellectual freedom, interstitial texts, isis, ivory tower, kabalah, kabbalah, kali, knights templar, knowledge, liberal, liberalism, libraries, literacy, literary, literature, logic, ma, ma'at, magic, marginalization, masonic, medieval studies, medievalism, michel foucault, mysticism, nag hammadi library, neo-platonism, nietzsche, occult, osirus, oto, pagan, paganism, pentacles, phenomenology, philosophy, pistis sophia, postmodernism, power, protests, qabalah, qabbalah, reading, reason, religion, research, resistance, rosslyn chapel, sacred texts, scotland, scottish history, scripture, self, sephiroth, shadows, shekinah, subjectivity, symbolism, symbols, tarot, templar, text, the knights templar, theory, thoth, tree of life, trismegistus, wicca, women's spirituality, yeshua
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